Engine Coolants for the Mining Industry

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PrixMax develops, manufactures and supplies long life and environmentally sustainable engine coolants, treatments and additives to the mining industry for all types of surface, subsurface and underground equipment.

PrixMax offers a complete range of cooling system maintenance services, from site visits; fleet audits and staff training; to an advanced coolant laboratory testing and the analysis programme, Coolcheck®.

Heavy-duty extended life engine antifreeze coolants for the mining industry

PrixMax's range of heavy duty antifreeze coolants provides complete cooling system protection for all types of on-road and off-road heavy duty vehicles and equipment, regardless of fuel type.

Extensive field testing has proven that PrixMax's heavy duty engine coolants can extend service intervals, cut equipment downtime and reduce service and maintenance costs.

PrixMax Heavy Duty ELC is free from nitrites, amines, phosphates, silicates (NAPS free), and borates.

It is a globally formulated coolant / antifreeze based on a proprietary organic additive technology (OAT) formulation, delivering advanced cooling system protection, extended service life, and superior performance for light and heavy duty vehicles and equipment.

PrixMax Heavy Duty N-ELC is a nitrited organic additive technology (NOAT) coolant / antifreeze incorporating an advanced carboxylate formulation with nitrite and molybdate to deliver outstanding wet sleeve liner pitting and corrosion protection, and maximum freeze and boil protection.

PrixMax Heavy Duty ELC and N-ELC will provide extended service protection for up to eight years, or 1,200,000km of on-road use and eight years or 15,000 hours of off-road use (whichever comes first), without the use of supplemental coolant additives (SCAs). Product service life can be even further extended when coupled with PrixMax's scheduled laboratory maintenance programme.

The company's coolants are formulated to meet or exceed a range of industry standards and are recommended for use across a broad range of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) engines.

Ultra long-life coolants for underground mining, environmentally sensitive sites and temperate climates

PrixMax is an industry leader in the development and supply of next-generation, ultra long life non-glycol based engine coolants and corrosion inhibitors for the mining industry.

For mines operating in warmer climates, PrixMax's glycol-free engine coolants are designed to provide superior heat transfer and cooling efficiency; super long life protection against corrosion, pitting and erosion for all system metals; and extended service protection for all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) seals and elastomers.

For underground mining applications in particular, PrixMax RCP coolants also eliminate the potential for fire hazards associated with combustible glycol-based antifreeze coolants.

PrixMax RCP Platinum® is an advanced NAPS free and borate-free organic additive technology (OAT) heavy duty corrosion inhibitor which, when pre-mixed at 7.5%-10% with good quality water, will deliver the following benefits:

  • Service life of up to eight years or 1,250,000km of on-road use and eight years or 24,000 hours of off-road use
  • Wide application suitable for OEM automotive and diesel and gas engines, including Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, Komatsu, Liebherr, MAN, MTU, PACCAR, and Waukeshua
  • The world's first certified carbon neutral coolant
  • Super extended service life protection for OEM seals and water pumps
  • Readily biodegradable
  • No Australian Poisons Schedule, HAZCHEM, Dangerous Goods or GHS hazardous chemical classification
  • Improved safety for disposal and handling
  • Eliminates engine coolant fire hazard
  • Up to 40% more heat transfer efficiency over silicate-containing conventional antifreeze coolants
  • Significantly reduced engine coolant and maintenance costs
  • Compatible with factory-fill inhibited glycol or water based engine coolants

PrixMax's RCP engine coolants have demonstrated exceptional performance in mining applications across Australasia and Southeast Asia for over 20 years.

Coolant analysis and product development laboratories

PrixMax offers a full service preventative maintenance programme and product support through a dedicated technical support team, backed by PrixMax's purpose built coolant testing and product development laboratories.

The PrixMax Coolcheck coolant analysis programme is a unique and advanced preventative maintenance service that will help to significantly reduce unscheduled downtime and prevent the failure of equipment in the field.

The programme helps to extend equipment service life through accurate, regular level two testing of engine coolants, enabling clients to identify a range of potential issues with the system before they become serious enough to cause failure or shorten service life.

It gives access to PrixMax's highly specialised, industry leading coolant testing laboratory, providing fast and easy to understand results and action recommendations.

Fluid dispensing equipment and water treatment plants

For remote mining sites, PrixMax has developed tailored batching units and water treatment and filtration plants to allow for easy, cost-effective access to ready-mixed glycol-free engine coolants.

Additives and treatments

PrixMax complements its heavy duty coolant range with products that are designed to help extend the service life of equipment.

The PrixMax additives and treatments range includes PrixMax radiator flush, radiator descaler, heavy duty supplemental coolant additives (SCAs), rim and tyre protectors, open system inhibitors, cooling system oil removers, diesel fuel treatments, re-manufactured engine cooling system conditioners, and other specialised corrosion inhibitors.

Tailored product formulations

With complete technical, laboratory, and research and development capabilities, PrixMax has the ability to offer tailored product solutions to suit any engine and any application.

About PrixMax

PrixMax was the first 100% Australian owned coolant company to introduce organic additive technology (OAT) coolants meeting key OEM specifications into the automotive, transport, oil & gas and mining industries in Australasia and Southeast Asia.

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