Checkers Safety Group

Cable and Hose Protection, Wheel Chocks and Warning Whips

Checkers Safety Group offers reliable products and solutions that save people's lives and protect company assets. Checkers supplies cable and hose protection, vehicle wheel chocks, warning whips and lights, as well as a range of accessory safety products.

All Checkers' products are produced in the US for high-quality and excellent value.

Cable protectors and management tools

Cable management tools make an area safe to pass through, as they shield cables, cords and hose lines from damage and also prevent pedestrians and vehicles from touching or tripping over the lines.

Checkers manufactures the top five brands of cable protectors, including Linebacker®, Yellow Jacket®, Guard Dog®, Fastlane® and Diamondback®.

Cable protectors are available in a variety of designs to suit industrial requirements. The cable management systems can be supplied as lidded, drop over, open top and low profile models, constructed from weather-resistant polyurethane.

Wheel chocks for heavy vehicles and equipment

Checkers manufactures durable wheel chocks to securely anchor large vehicles, such as haulers and trailers, machinery and heavy equipment.

Monster® wheel chocks are made of sturdy urethane and are available for general purpose, heavy-duty and aviation needs, along with a range of complementary accessories.

Industrial signals and lights

Checkers' industrial signal lights are the brightest available and are reliable for use in traffic control, construction and industrial applications.

Checkers manufactures durable barricade, solar barricade, strobe, and LED module lights, all are Independent Lab Certified.

Vehicle identification lights make it easier to spot and identify vehicles and equipment in busy working environments. They consist of high output LED lights and high-intensity reflective material, making it easier to see whether the sign is on or off. Checkers' range of industrial signals also includes LED and magnetic LED flare kits, beacons and work lights.

Warning whips to identify vehicles

Warning whips alert people to the presence of a vehicle and also allow it to be identified.

Checkers offers high-visibility Gorilla® and Super Whip® warning whips. Each is available with or without lights and includes a flexible whip with a flag and mounting base, so is easily attachable. Checkers supplies warning whips in light-duty, general purpose and heavy-duty varieties. The waterproof models are recommended for applications with adverse conditions.

Accessories include lighting and mounting options and replacement parts.

Modular floor matting

Pre-assembled matting is a convenient way to install comfortable flooring. Checkers' Mat in a Box comes in a selection of fixed area sizes and can also be ordered to measure. The tiles are securely fastened with stainless steel staples, or heated to melt the interlocking chambers together.

Checkers also enables customers to build their own temporary or permanent floor matting. Modular tiles can be fitted to any floor space, including irregular-shaped areas, for strength and texture.

Checkers' matting tiles are slip-resistant, thick and have drainage holes to keep the surface dry. Optional bevelled ramp tiles make for easy and non-trip access.

Plastic cribbing and lumber

Plastic cribbing is the safest option for workers as it contains no knots or inconsistencies, which can yield under pressure and lead to splits and cracks. It is also non-absorbent, so impervious to oil, blood and chemicals.

Checkers' Dura Crib series features cribbing that comes in thin or thick rectangular bars and wedges, with two-sided pyramidal surfaces for secure stacking and interlocking.

The Dura Stat plastic lumber pieces come in rectangular, square and rounded varieties, which are similar to wooden types but more reliable and tensile tested.

Hose bridges for cable protection

Checkers offers set and custom hose bridges that protect hose lines from the impact of people and rubber-tyred vehicles. The hose bridges come with a selection of tunnel widths and heights, and with single or multiple channels.

The Diamondback custom bridge systems include a raised surface design for improved traction and safety. The Super Hose system opens out into two complete ramps and features channels of up to 10in in diameter.

Checkers safety products

Checkers Safety Group is based in Colorado, US, and has served worldwide customers for more than 25 years. The company's commitment to innovation and excellence has made it the leading global provider of industrial safety products.

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