Finn Equipment Sales Process Ventilation Systems for Mines

Finn Equipment Sales’ primary mission is to assist you in achieving engineering solutions for process ventilation problems. We have broad experience in the mining, power, steel, foundry and many other heavy process industries.

Our range of process ventilation systems can be used for dust, fume, smoke, mist, odor, acid gases and trim scrap applications.

Dust extraction technology

Engart Dust Extraction Technology™ offers a better solution for coal or non-coal dust control applications in many industries. Dust generated in process operations at power plants, mining companies, steel mills and other heavy industrial facilities is often a problem requiring attention.

Exhaust ventilation dust control

We provide turnkey exhaust ventilation dust control for difficult operating conditions where moisture, high temperature, fire and explosion risk are factors.

Engart provides solutions for difficult dust control problems, including combustible dust, moisture and high temperature.

Wet-extraction technology

Combustible dust, moisture conditions and high temperature are easily handled with Engart wet-extraction technology. Eliminate fire and explosion risk, blinding or plugging of fabric filter bags, filter bag leaks, discharged dust re-entrainment issues, screw conveyor and airlock problems and high maintenance costs associated with operation of baghouse collectors.

Dust extractors

Engart dust extractors operate with water to capture and remove dust to a sump discharge for downstream disposal or recycling. In independent testing on PRB coal dust, Engart wet dust extractors were rated at 99.7% dust removal efficiency. Engart Dust Extraction Technology is recognized as Best Determined Technology (BDT) for coal-handling dust control applications.

Dust extractors for mines

Engart dust extractors include a motor, radial impellor fan, bifurcated transfer housing, knitmesh screen extraction panel, louver demister panel and control regulators. The fan creates static pressure which draws air into the inlet end of the extractor.

Dust-laden air is captured with hoods and transported through properly designed ductwork to the extractor. Unducted operation is also possible in applications such as auxiliary ventilation in underground mining.

Water is injected at the inlet of the fan impellor where it is spun with the incoming air and dust to impact with high energy against the fan housing. Water, dust and air pass through the bifurcated transfer housing to the extraction panel, which removes water and captured dust to a discharge sump at the bottom. The louvered demister panel captures any overspray from the extraction panel. Cleaned air exits the exhaust end of the extractor.

Pre-filter inlet boxes

Engart Wet-Flo™ pre-filter inlet boxes are used for quenching of hot gases or as a drop-out chamber to remove coarser materials in the inlet gas stream. Multiple extractors can be connected using an inlet box with isolation dampers for operation on rotary dumpers and other high-air-volume applications.

Custom dust control systems

Engart engineers work with you to evaluate and solve your unique, fugitive dust control problem and provide a custom dust control system to solve it. Dust sources are studied to determine where exhaust hoods can be used to contain and capture dust emissions. Equipment locations are determined, along with effective ductwork routing. Detailed 3D CAD design models are prepared for review followed by fabrication drawings.

Turnkey dust control systems

Engart offers experienced turnkey installation management or installation support along with startup assistance to help you achieve a successful project completion.

Other products and services

Additional services and products offered by Finn Equipment Sales include contract fabrication, custom process ventilation systems and misting fans.

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Engart Process Ventilation Solutions for Mining Dust Control Problems

Download the free paper for information on how Engart can improve applications from crusher buildings to conveyor transfers, screening plants, railcar unloading, tripper rooms and underground auxiliary ventilation.

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Finn Equipment Sales, Inc.

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