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Oxylance - Burning Bars, Lance Pipes, Calorized Pipes, Oxygen Hoses, Lance Holders and Safety Clothing

Oxylance manufactures exothermic cutting systems for a variety of uses in the mining industry, smelters, foundries, steel mills and demolition projects. The company’s burning bars and the Sure Cut system can also be used for equipment maintenance such as gouging welds and removing frozen pins.

Oxylance manufactures a complete line of burning bar (lance pipe) holders, as well as a line of heavy-duty oxygen hoses and regulators, safety clothing and powered air respirators.

Burning bars for the mining industry

The exothermic reaction is an oxidation process. It begins when the alloyed steel wires in the burning bar are heated to their kindling temperature and pure oxygen is injected into the steel tube. Where oxy / fuel torches produce a temperature of 4,500°F (2,450°C) to 5,000°F (2,760°C), the burning bar produces heat in the 7,000°F (3,870°C) to 7,500°F (4,150°C) degree range.

Burning bars, also known as lance rods, mag rods or bars and exothermic cutting rods, are steel tubes filled with alloyed wire. Oxylance manufactures burning bars in outside diameters from 0.540in (13mm) to 1.05in (27mm). The standard length is 10ft 6in (3.2m) and special order lengths are 5ft 3in (1.6m) and 7ft (2m).

Exothermic cutting system

Oxylance’s Sure Cut system is a smaller exothermic cutting system, ideal for equipment maintenance and gouging applications. The rods for this system are available in outside diameters of 0.250in (6.35m) to 0.375in (9.5mm), and in lengths of 2ft (610mm), 3ft (915mm) and 4ft (1.2m). Quickly gouged welds remove frozen pins from mining equipment and light demolition cutting applications.

Calorized lance pipes

Oxylance provides lance pipes in outside diameter sizes from 0.250in (6.35mm) to 1.66in (42mm) and lengths from 3ft (915mm) to 21ft (6.4m). Our lance pipe is available in both tube and pipe sizes.

Lance pipes are cleaned for oxygen service and are available in plain end, quick connect, threaded and coupled. Oxygen lance pipes are used for cutting-up spills, oxygen injecting, tapping furnaces, casters and ladles.

Lancing accessories

Oxylance manufacturers a complete line of accessories, including lance holders, oxygen hoses, oxygen regulators, hose reels and oxygen-cleaned brass fittings for oxygen systems.

All oxygen hoses, regulators and brass fittings are made in the US to our exacting standards, and meet or exceed the standards of the Compressed Gas Association.

Lance holders and safety clothing

All Oxylance lance holders are supplied with our thermal shutoff / anti-slag safety devices. We stock aluminised Kevlar clothing, powered air respiratory / face shields, and our own line of personnel cooling systems.

Oxygen vaporizer systems

For applications where a permanent oxygen supply system is not in place, Oxylance offers a fleet of specialized vaporizer systems to enable the use of liquid oxygen.

Our OXY VAP 2500 supplies 2,500ft³/hr at up to 350psi. The OXY VAP 5000 provides 5,000ft³/hr at up to 350psi. Vaporizers come with cryogenic hoses and a manifold regulator with two outlets.

Safe mine cutting equipment

All Oxylance products meet OSHA CFR 29-1910.95(a) occupational noise exposure limits. Both Oxylance burning bars and the Sure Cut system have been tested by an independent agency, with test results available on our website.

Oxylance cutting systems are in the 90db to 91.9db range. Typical carbon arc gouging noise levels can exceed 125db. The complete OSHA CFR29-1910.95(a) can be found on the OSHA web page.

Oxygen safety and burning bar training

The technical department at Oxylance provides complete oxygen safety information and can perform on-site oxygen safety and burning bar safety training.

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Oxylance burning bars being used to cut up slag in a steel mill.
An Oxylance burning bar being used to cut 9ft diameter in stainless steel. This was in a mill where the ladle froze up and the slugs out of the ladle are being processed to go back in the furnace.
Injecting oxygen into a furnace using a calorized lance pipe.
An Oxylance burning bar piercing a hole in a 6in diameter pin in a tunnel boring machine. Pin removal took 2hrs. To see the whole process of removing frozen pins, visit our website.
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