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Maintenance shutdowns cost real money. In mineral concentrators, grinding mill relining defines maintenance shutdown duration. In other words, mill relining is critical.

For over 20 years RME has focused on minimising relining time and maximising relining safety. Our original goal, halving pre-RME mill relining times, has been easily met. Our new target is halving our own times to just 25% of pre-RME mill relining system times.

This has been achieved by precisely fitting ever-larger liners and safely mechanising every aspect of the mill relining process.

Mill relining machines

The centrepiece of RME's mill relining system is a RUSSELL 7 or RUSSELL 8 (seven or eight axis) liner placement mill relining machine. Available in maximum liner capacities from 500kg to 7,500kg, these machines represent the ultimate in new liner replacement capability.

RUSSELL TWIN 8 mill relining machines are also available for large SAG/AG mills providing two, completely independent, mill relining systems in the one mill.

Mill liner handlers

For smaller mills and lighter liners, the centrepiece of the RME mill relining system is represented by either.

  • RUSSELL 3 liner suspension mill liner handlers available in maximum liner capacities from 500kg to 1,500kg
  • MILLMAST, in-mill-erected liner suspension mill liner handlers available in maximum liner capacities up to 500kg

RME also has a liner handling solution for the growing number of installations of larger vertical grinding mills. The RUSSELL 3 vertical mill liner handler allows for the safe and efficient transfer of new and worn liners up to 9,000kg.

THUNDERBOLT recoilless hammers

Powerful and recoilless, THUNDERBOLT recoilless hammers represent the fastest and safest method ever devised for removing worn mill liners and liner bolts.

THUNDERBOLT recoilless hammers are available in the following energy ratings and cycle rates:

  • THUNDERBOLT 1500 – one 1,500J blow, every second
    (10x harder than a man, once per second)
  • THUNDERBOLT 750 – two 750J blows, every second
    (5x harder than a man, twice per second)
  • THUNDERBOLT 450 – one 450J blow, every second
    (3x harder than a man, once per second)

All THUNDERBOLTs deliver high energy, high momentum recoilless blows, far superior to low energy or low momentum alternatives such as sledge hammers or pneumatic 'breaker' hammers.

T-MAG moil axis guide

The new T-MAG™ (THUNDERBOLT moil axis guide) is an ergonomically designed moil guide that has been specifically developed for use with the range of THUNDERBOLT recoilless hammers to make bolt knock-in safer and more efficient. The T-MAG eliminates the need for site personnel to be in the THUNDERBOLT hammer strike zone.

A set of T-MAGs makes mill relining faster and safer by:

  • Ensuring moil guidance on liner bolts that are flush with the mill shell
  • Avoiding mill shell and liner bolt hole damage by guiding the moil effectively even when the bolt is flush with the mill shell thereby avoiding contact with areas other than the liner bolt end
  • Minimising the probability of moil and liner bolt chipping by ensuring centered and controlled impact
  • Effectively containing the metal shards within the T-MAG Adapter, in the case where shards are produced

O-ZONE liner lifting tools

Saving one minute per liner while simultaneously improving safety, the O-ZONE range of liner lifting tools consists of:

  • O-ZONE scissors
  • O-ZONE grips
  • O-ZONE keys
  • O-ZONE hooks

In a 300 liner ball mill reline, the inclusion of O-ZONE liner lifting tools saved another five hours downtime.

Feed chute extraction and transportation technologies

Rapid extraction, transportation and replacement of mill feed chutes is vital to a fast reline. RME’s wide range of feed chute technologies provide solutions for every situation, including rail-based systems and rubber-tyred, multi-wheel systems.

Services and support

The best equipment in the world is incomplete without the best support in the world. RME’s dedicated support teams provide the following services:

  • 24 hours per day, 365 days per year support hotline
  • Worldwide, on-site maintenance and repair through RME’s highly trained (competency audited) technicians
  • Spare parts supply and support.

RME – special machines for special purposes

RME is a technology company capable of solving a wide range of mining and mineral processing plant problems via custom machine system solutions. Examples include:

  • Mineral concentrator high pressure grinding rolls (HPGR) extraction, transportation and re-insertion machines
  • Copper smelter tuyere punching machines (fully automatic)
  • Copper smelter slag launder de-scaling machines
  • Alumina refinery remote controlled de-scaling machines
  • Mineral laboratory ore characterisation machine (JK RBT) for the University of Queensland (UQ) Julius Kruitschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC)

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