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ABEM Instrument has led developments in geophysical solutions since 1923. ABEM's technologies are used for geophysical surveys to evaluate soil conditions and locate hidden objects using methods including resistivity, electromagnetics, seismology, vibration monitoring and radar in industries such as mineral exploration, infrastructure, education and research, and archeology.

ABEM has pre-configured systems for each supported geophysical methodology, optimized for specific applications but can also be customized to suite customers' requirements. Visit us at www.abem.se.

ABEM is a part of the Guideline Geo Group, global leader in geophysics and geo technology. Together with our brand MALÅ Geoscience we deliver total solutions in the technological fields of ground radar, geo-electrical and electromagnetic measurement systems, and near-surface seismology.

ABEM solutions for Resistivity/IP

ABEM Resistivity/IP solutions come prefigured for common applications ranging from groundwater and mineral exploration to infrastructure site investigations, and are customizable - using high-end multichannel 3D time-lapse monitoring or cost effective VES measurements - to fit most other applications.

ABEM Terrameter LS

ABEM has developed a Resistivity/IP solution, ABEM TerrameterLS,which addresses the challenges of data acquisition in the field and empowers the user with highly efficient interpretation tools - guaranteeing increased productivity and quality. The out-of-the-box configuration provides a solution for most projects and can be easily customized to meet specific project requirements.

ABEM Terrameter LS:

  • Utilizes an 8.4" daylight visible LCD screen which allows for easy operation of the system. The operator is instructed of spread movements and is constantly updated with received data.
  • measuresboth Resistivity and Induced Polarization (IP) simultaneously. This means that apparent resistivity and chargeability can be obtained from the same survey. With this data it is also possible to calculate normalized chargeability as well, making the Terrameter LS a highly competent and flexible solution for near surface investigations. All measured data is stored into a database which allows for export to e.g. I1XD for interpretation and analysis.
  • Incorporates a constant current transmitter and galvanically isolated input channels, which samples data with high resolution. The design enables IP surveys to be conducted with common steel electrodes instead of non-polarizable electrodes which saves time and reduces cost.
  • Optionally stores records 'Full Waveform data', ensuring that the received measured signal is stored totally uncompromised. This means that it can be thoroughly analysed and supply the user with vital information.

ABEM solutions for Seismic

The current ABEM line of seismographs is the most advanced combination of hardware and software in its class, achieving superior data quality over the widest range of applications possible.

ABEM Terraloc Pro

The development of ABEM Terraloc Pro has been driven by user demands for over 30 years and has taken it through three major product generations (Mk3, Mk6 and Mk8) to reach the point where it is today.

ABEM Terraloc Pro:

  • Is designed for the broadest possible range of seismic applications, optimized for near surface geophysics, the most demanding application for seismic instruments.
  • Offers built-in diagnostics and remote management as well as vendor assisted support over the net.
  • Consents add-on of new functionality and seamless expansion in the future.

ABEM solutions for TEM

Transient electromagnetic (TEM) method is extremely effective in determining electrical conductivity of the subsurface at depths from a few meters down to several hundred meters. ABEM has pioneered the advancement of the TEM technology resulting in solutions capable of accurately resolving subtle changes in geology in fine detail with excellent penetration of depth.


ABEM WalkTEMsystem shares its transient electromagnetic technological framework with the industry-validated airborne SkyTEM system, originally developed by Aarhus University in Denmark.

ABEM WalkTEM is designed to meet demanding requirements for groundwater investigations and characterization of sedimentary geologies, and flexible enough for any survey where TEM would apply.


  • Comprises a high current transmitter and a dual channel high dynamic and wide band width receiver.
  • Operates using dual-moment transmission where it automatically alternates between maximum and reduced current pulses, thus utilizing the benefits from both high energy fields as well as fast current pulse turn-off. The advantage is high resolution response from shallow to maximum depth.
  • Unique acquisition technology combines analog integration and high speed digital quantization resulting in a superior dynamic range. This allows the WalkTEM to accurately resolve a wider span of amplitudes; from higher level signals from shallow structures down to very low (near noise) levels from deeper layers.

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