2 November

Shane Oliver, an economist, re-tweeted on what investors maybe expecting amid the global crash in economies caused by the pandemic.

The article shared highlighted that despite one of the deepest crises since the Great Depression, stock markets showed resilience and investors were rewarded for their confidence.

Investors will be looking at adjusting their expectations for returns based on several factors in the context of stable but low yields.

These factors will have to generate capital growth but are currently softening at the macroeconomic level. For instance, households are still reluctant to take debt, there is low growth of the labour force compounded by unemployment, and growth in political risks and geopolitical tensions.

While bonds are likely to remain low, infrastructure and commercial property are expected to do relatively well, with Asian and emerging markets showing greater growth potential, the article noted.

Meanwhile, Nathan Nunn, an economics professor, re-tweeted on a Stanford University study that stated that President Donald Trump’s campaigns held between June and September have led to a rise in about 30,000 new infections and more than 700 deaths.

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