2 December

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 64,007,000 with over 1,483,000 deaths and 41,170,000 recoveries.

A mild downturn of new confirmed cases continues in the top ten most affected countries. However, new confirmed deaths are increasing in Russia and the US.

The new confirmed case numbers in Germany have fallen by half since early November.

However, there is no significant decline in the number of new daily confirmed deaths.

Today, the UK authorized the use of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for mass rollout.

Many hospitals are waiting to receive the supply to start the vaccination process for priority groups.

Meanwhile, Japan has reached over 153,000 total confirmed cases of Covid-19.

The number of patients in intensive care units is increasing rapidly, and the country reported a record high of 34 new confirmed deaths yesterday.

Bahram Hassanpourfard, MPH, Epidemiologist at GlobalData