18 November

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 55,736,000 with over 1,340,000 deaths and 35,870,000 recoveries.

The US remain the worst hit country with over 11 million total confirmed cases. India has the second highest number of cases, and is expected to reach 9 million total confirmed cases this week.

Brazil remains the third worst-hit country and is approaching 6 million total confirmed cases.

France now reports over 2 million total confirmed cases of Covid-19 making it the first European nation to reach this marker.

The nationwide lockdown continues, however, it is more flexible that the lockdown placed in spring.

Iran has started to manufacture a domestically developed antigen test for fast Covid-19 diagnosis. The test requires a nasal swab sample to diagnose the infection and is expected to be released soon to be used in the nation’s screening program.

This comes a relief as Iran is experiencing a second wave much larger than the first. In the last week, average new daily cases have been more than 12,000.

Ana Fernandez Menjivar MSc DLSHTM, Senior Epidemiologist at GlobalData