11 November

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 51,500,000 with over 1,273,000 deaths and 33,576,000 recoveries.

The US have the highest number of confirmed cases and reported the highest number of recorded cases in one day, over 200,000, on 10 November.

As testing numbers have not increased significantly, this rise in cases is most likely due to the continued spread of the virus. The EU and Russia are also trending upwards in the numbers of confirmed cases.

The UAE have been steadily increasing the number of tests performed since the start of the pandemic and are now testing over 80,000 people on average daily.

This has correlated with an expected increase in daily confirmed cases, however, deaths have remained incredibly low, with the case fatality rate at just 0.36% as of 10 November.

In order to keep international transmission levels low, it is a requirement that COVID-19 testing is performed before travel to the Emirates or at the airport if going to Dubai.

A PCR test is performed on site and if positive, you may be required to self-isolate in a government led facility, hospital or privately arranged accommodation.

Nneoma Okeke MD, Epidemiologist  at GlobalData