26 October

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 43,174,000, with more than 1,155,000 deaths and 29,000,000 recoveries.

Worldwide, daily confirmed cases continue to increase.

In North America and across the world, the US maintains its place as the most affected country with over 8.6 million total confirmed cases, followed by the South Asian and Latin American regions of India and Brazil, respectively.

Although daily confirmed cases continue to decline in India, the country may soon surpass the US as total confirmed cases approach 8 million.

In China, a mass testing program of approximately 5 million people in the Xinjiang province identified nearly 140 asymptomatic cases over the weekend.

Rapid testing was initiated in response to one asymptomatic case reported on Saturday.

Natasha Karim, MPH, Managing Epidemiologist at GlobalData