9 December

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 68,367,000, with over 1,559,000 deaths and 44,095,000 recoveries.

Worldwide, total confirmed cases and total deaths continue to rise.

The US, India, and Brazil primarily drive these increases due to the sheer magnitude of cases that consistently positions them in the top three most affected countries.

Overall, these countries contribute about 46% of cases to the global confirmed case burden, and approximately 40% of deaths to the global death toll.

In South Korea, Covid-19 cases continue to surge, with around 700 new cases reported. This has prompted the government to suspend in-person classes for nearly 1,000 schools, primarily located in the capital city of Seoul.

Since the start of the pandemic, over 1,600 students and 300 teachers have tested positive for coronavirus.

Natasha Karim, MPH, Managing Epidemiologist at GlobalData