11 April

Currently, the US has the highest total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world (466,396), and the world’s second highest mortality with 16,703 deaths, following closely behind Italy with 18,279 deaths.
The US death toll is expected to surpass Italy soon, with the outbreak peak still approaching. Additionally in the US, members of the Coronavirus Task Force confirmed that antibody tests will be available soon, likely in the next week. These tests will help identify recent infections, individuals with potential immunity, and asymptomatic individuals.

Sweden had gone against the advisement from the World Health Organization by not enforcing a strict lockdown.
The country is currently experiencing a rise in cases (9,685) and deaths (870) and having higher morbidity and mortality than other Scandinavian countries who have followed mitigation protocol, such as Denmark (6,014 cases, 247 deaths) and Norway (6,244 cases, 108 deaths).

Natasha Karim, MPH, Managing Epidemiologist, GlobalData