The VEGA PULS series is used for level measurement of liquids and bulk solids by emitting a continuous radar signal through an antenna. The emitted signal is reflected by the liquid or solid material and received as an echo by the corresponding antenna. The difference in frequency between the signal that is emitted versus the signal that is received will be proportional to the distance between the device and the material level. The device is able to convert this data and reliably inform operators of the current level of material in a silo at all times.

Devices from the VEGAPULS range are ideal sensors for non-contact level measurement in simple applications where a high degree of protection is required such as in abrasive mining environments.

Part of the VEGALPULS range uses 80GHz technology to enable unparalleled focusing of the radar beam and a wide dynamic range of the radar sensors. When it comes to radar sensors, the broader the dynamic range, the higher its measurement reliability and the wider its application spectrum.

Non-contact radar technology offers extremely high measurement accuracy compared to other process measurements. The reliability of the measurement is not affected by fluctuating product features or by changing process conditions, where that means adjusting temperature, pressure or dust generation.

With the introduction of VEGAPULS 10, 20 and 30 series, there is a continuous level measurement device for simple applications, whether it be pumping stations, storage tanks with acids, or basic silos. Devices such as the VEGAPULS 62, with its various antenna versions, are universally implementable radar sensors and serves as the optimal solution for almost all aggressive liquid applications and processes.

For more information about the VEGAPULS range of continuous level measurement devices, or to find out which process instrumentation equipment is best suited for your application, visit VEGA’s website