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Personnel in mining operations will typically need to communicate over long distances, and do so using underground mining telephones. They’re a vital part of creating a safe, efficient and productive workplace. These systems can be divided into older pager systems and more modern leaky-feeder systems, both of which have their own pros and cons depending on the operation in question.

Paging telephones in mines are battery-powered, static communication units which use radio signals to send individual audio and text messages. They are hard-wired to the surface level of a mine, and allow communication back and forth between workers above and below ground. While they have a more limited range than leaky-feeder systems, they can be much more efficient in smaller or shallower mining operations where communication is only needed over shorter distances.

Meanwhile, a leaky-feeder system provides both wired and wireless communication throughout a mine. Leaky feeder cable is coaxial cable which has sections of the outer shielding shaved away, allowing radio signals to “leak” in and out. This is stretched throughout a mine, and acts as antenna for devices to receive a signal, drastically extending the physical range over which miners can communicate. This means leaky-feeders are more appropriate than pagers for large-scale projects.

Carroll Technologies Group offers a number of underground mining telephones from Pyott-Boone Electronics (PBE), designed to enable a clear channel of communication throughout a mine. They can be mixed and matched depending on the individual needs of a mining operation, and installed as part of either a pager or leaky feeder system.

Underground mining telephones come in a variety of options for different functionalities

The PBE 112 Mine Phone is a two-way radio telephone which can be integrated into either a traditional pager or leaky feeder system. It’s also part of PBE’s fourth generation leaky feeder technology range, which incorporates proximity alert systems, gas monitoring and both text and voice communication.

PBE also offer the 117 Weatherproof Phone, which can be installed in wet or exposed areas underground, outside, or on preparation plants. Its polycarbonate resin protects it from the harsh elements it may be exposed to in these spaces.

The Models 118, 110, and 220 VAC Desktop phones are designed to be installed in surface level control rooms, and come with battery backup to prevent the risk of communication collapse during power outages. Carroll also offer the Model 139 Page Phone, a public telephone couple which allows standard page phones to connect to external networks.

All Carroll Technologies Group customers have access to the MinerCare 24/7 support line, which is available for all servicing enquiries they may have at any time. MinerCare representatives can be on the phone in minutes to help talk operators through technical hitches, action same-day delivery of parts from one of 13 distribution centres across North America, and even assist in communications network design.