Supplying hydraulic components with care and quality
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Supplying competitively priced hydraulic components with care and quality

10 Jun 2021 (Last Updated June 14th, 2021 15:30)

Tidal Fluid Power is a manufacturer and supplier of high-performing, competitively priced hydraulic components based in Brisbane, Australia. It specialises in piston pumps and motors, vane pumps and motors, and spare parts for both.

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Supplying competitively priced hydraulic components with care and quality
Tidal Fluid Power has the flexibility to respond to specific customer demands

The company’s repairs centre was built in 2010 to offer repair, rebuild and technical fault-finding services to industries including transportation, agriculture and mining.

Quality is the key

With a team of 15 people, Tidal Fluid Power has the flexibility and dexterity to respond to specific customer demands. “We can tailor our services to the individual need of small companies,” says Steve Rees, managing director.

Customers are treated like business partners, with the Tidal Fluid Power team going the extra mile to understand their needs. “If we take your order at 5 o’clock and it needs to get to the airport to travel to Perth or Adelaide, for example, we’ll get it down there and get it on the aeroplane that same night,” says Rees.

The company puts great emphasis on the quality of its service in order to meet the high standards of the Australian marketplace. Its quality assurance process has been developed over 21 years in business, and continues to be a priority. “We make sure that all our products come with a full warranty and meet the quality standard that customers expect,” says Rees.

The team brings together skilled individuals with a broad range of capabilities. The technicians who man the hydraulic repair centre are highly trained specialists with many years of experience, working with state-of-the-art equipment to provide a very high level of repair service in a very short period of time.

The stocking process is central to the company’s service, so the team includes a dedicated stock controller who ensures that stock levels are at an optimum enabling us to have ex stock availability to satisfy our customers needs. In 2008, the company purchased a stock control system and more recently has begun implementing bar coding to dramatically increase the accuracy and traceability of the process.

The company’s processes have been developed with quality and customer service in mind, and Tidal Fluid Power is now recognised as a leading supplier of hydraulic components and parts in Australia.

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Full Facelift for an ole’ Drill Rig – Who says you can’t look great at 30?

Tidal Fluid Power was recently approached to help overhaul and bring new life to a 30-year-old drilling rig for a loyal, longstanding customer. Drawing on 100 years of combined hydraulic experience and throwing in some new technologies, Tidal Fluid Power came up with a plan to bring the rig back to life and back to work.

With new drill rigs costing anywhere from $100k-800k, it makes sense for customers to look into all the options for repair and rework. In the end, the customer was extremely happy with the outcome. Instead of trashing a perfectly good shell, new hydraulics and mechanics along with Tidal Fluid Power’s expert advice managed to get the old rig back out onto the field.

Based in Brisbane, Tidal Fluid Power manufactures and supplies vast quantities of high performing, competitively priced hydraulic components to hydraulic repairers, resellers and OEMs throughout Australia. If there is no ‘off-the-shelf’ component available, highly skilled engineering teams work closely with clients to create a custom hydraulic component or solution.

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