The Northern Light Technologies’ Polaris cap lamp (NL0329) is an award-winning headpiece available with an adjustable or fixed clip. It is the first MSHA-approved all-in-one cordless cap lamp.

This robust lighting solution has been specifically designed for use in adverse underground environments, such as tunnelling and mining operations. It meets IECEx, M1 and US standards, as well as being verified by ATEX and Testsafe.

“This is a product we’ve distributed for many years; it’s a proven product,” explains Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood. “NLT was the original designer of the all-in-one cordless headlamp.”

The Polaris cap lamp uses a high-capacity lithium battery and LED light encased in a high-impact dust and water resistant plastic case. By combining the battery and light source in a single enclosure, the NLT lighting solution eliminates the need for a cord or external battery pack.

With a minimum light output of 5,000LUX and a typical output of 6,500LUX, the Polaris cap lamp is the brightest cap lamp on the market, corded or non-corded. It incorporates two light sources and an emergency flashing beacon, which is activated after a five-second hold-down.

The cordless cap lamp fully charges in just ten hours and offers 12 hours of battery discharge time for the main LED and 40 hours for the secondary LED. Its overall battery lifecycle is a minimum of 500, translating to 20,000 hours of LED light. Charging units are sold separately and are available as single, ten or 24 unit modules, as well as a 48 unit rack.

The Polaris battery is field replaceable by authorised NLT distributors, including Carroll Technologies, which has more than 30 years of experiences supplying safety equipment and underground lighting solutions across North America.

Supported by MinerCare 24/7 services, NLT Polaris cap lamps purchased through Carroll Technologies are covered by round the clock technical support and NLT factory certified repair.

According to Haywood: “We are a factory-authorised repair centre, so customers get a much longer service-life out of the product after their initial investment. A lot of other products that we’ve compared them to are more or less throwaway units. The Polaris lamps are a long-term investment; they’re very rugged.”

For more information or to order the Northern Light Polaris cap lamp for your mine, visit Carroll’s mining shop’s page, featuring the fixed clip and adjustable clip cap lamp.