Superior anemometers are calibrated using advanced NIST traceable technology and comply with the strictest standards to ensure extremely accurate readings.​ These wind measuring devices have been continuously and extensively tested to demonstrate precise and reliable accuracy and durability that outshines other anemometers on the market.

As a company, Superior Anemometers is dedicated to designing and manufacturing industry-leading anemometers. Its products have been perfectly calibrated for mining and tunnelling operations.

Building on than 50 years of experience in machining process and design, in addition to more than 65 years of experience in assembly and manufacturing, Superior Anemometers wind measuring devices are proven to be reliable and robust.

Carroll Technologies has supplied mining safety and monitoring equipment to more than 800 US mines for more than 30 years. Drawing on this extensive knowledge of quality equipment, Carroll endorses and disrupts Superior products, including:

  • Anemometer, 4″, 8 blade (ST1000-8)
  • Anemometer,4″, 4 blade (ST1000-4)
  • Anemometer, low speed (ST1000-8-PE)
  • Anemometer, high speed (ST1000-4-PE)
  • Rod, 2′ extension (ST10010

The ST1000-8 Low Speed Anemometer and the ST1000-4 High Speed Anemometer can be found in Carroll’s online mining store. The new, intrinsically safe ST-1000 anemometer is extremely accurate, durable, and long-lasting.

Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood says: “Superior have designed and built a newer and improved anemometer that is more rugged and more suited for the mining industry. We’re a disrupter for these products and can carry out factory-authorized repair and yearly calibrations for them.”

Carroll provides factory-authorised repair and certification services for anemometers from Superior, as well as other manufacturers, as part of the MinerCare 24/7 support service. This service also provides around the clock technical support, rapid response to mining emergencies, and an extensive stock of spare parts.

For more information about Superior Anemometer devices, or to discuss a quote for anemometer products for your mine, call Carroll Technologies on 606-573-1000 or send an enquiry here.