Mining accidents, component failures or unforeseen inefficiency: all of these things can lead to costly downtime of your mining and tunnelling operation.

To save money on new machinery, outdated, inefficient or malfunctioning equipment can be rebuilt and refurbished. Not only is this solution more sustainable and cost-efficient, but effective refurbishment services can also help to reduce downtime by keeping equipment up to date and quickly troubleshooting issues.

In fact, expanding the lifetime of your mining equipment can increase the value of your investment and even save equipment operators from needing training to use new, unfamiliar equipment.

What are the benefits of rebuild and refurbishment services?

Rebuild services can save customers 30% in expenditure compared to purchasing new equipment. At Normet, for example, if the machine is completely re-manufactured it comes with a twelve-month/2000-hour full warranty for increased protection from unexpected costs.

Normet developed this extensive global network of service professionals and regional service centres to help combat a range of mining and tunnelling uncertainties. The global firm offers expert equipment refurbishment and complete remanufacturing services to assist in material planning and extending the work-life of equipment.

Services are available from 43 Normet locations across 28 countries, as well as from an extensive distribution network which supplies parts promptly and reliably. Customers’ fleets are serviced through Normet’s rebuild and repair workshops.

Remanufacturing: save time and money

Repair and rebuild workshops not only extend the work-life of equipment, but also provide the opportunity to keep machinery up to date through controlled installations of upgrades and modernisation kits. Equipment at all mining process stages can be modernised, including concrete pumps, axles, engines, transmissions, compressors, charging modules, booms and baskets, and scaling hammers.

You can also update and standardise equipment with the latest technology to improve the safety and performance of an existing fleet without investing in new equipment. They can also maintain equipment efficiency by interchanging components with spare parts to advance performance, efficiency, safety and reliability. Downtime during installation can also be reduced by utilising ready-made upgrade kits based on individual requirements.

In order to control expenses and minimise downtime, it is advised to continually explore all options to get the most out of heavy equipment. Most notably, just because a single component is failing, it does not mean that the entire piece of equipment has come to the end of its work-life.

There are a number of situations in which remanufacturing is the solution, including when capital investment for new equipment is not an option, when operator training for new equipment is not feasible, changes to spare parts planning need to be minimised for budgetary or time restraints, or when the existing fleet needs to be optimised to match new equipment.

If issues with mining equipment arise, Normet’s exchange programme (modular remanufacturing) helps to reduce troubleshooting time by exchanging the entire assembly in one.

Normet equipment rebuild and refurbishment is available for all Normet machine types. It includes full disassembly, comprehensive structural inspection, OEM quality assembly, OEM testing and documentation, and ensures cost-efficiency and minimised disturbance to your production.

To request a rebuild, fill in the form on Normet’s page here.