Public safety DAS systems are designed to support emergency responders to protect the wellbeing of people in public-use spaces or worksites.

Depending on the State, these systems must comply with its jurisdiction’s safety regulations. Tennessee requires full compliance with IFC and NFP codes of practise.

DAS or Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) technology is used in large buildings and facilities, as well as underground structures such as tunnelling operations. These communication systems amplify radio frequency signals to notify first responders, including medical, fire and police services, in the case of an emergency.

Carroll Technologies, leading provider of mining and tunnelling equipment, now provide a range of essential public safety DAS systems in Tennessee and across the US.

How do DAS systems work?

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) boost radio frequency across a network of antenna nodes using a bi-directional amplifier. Originating from the donor antenna, the distributed antenna network is dispersed across a large building or facility to ensure that RF coverage is provided wherever it is needed.

There are two types of DAS systems; active and passive. An active system distributes the signal via a fibre optic cable to remote units which then pass the signal on to the antennas to boost signals across the required route. A passive system comprises a bi-directional amplifier, coax, splitters and diplexers to carry the radio frequency signal.

Public safety DAS systems in Tennessee

Public safety DAS systems ensure that first response emergency services can maintain clear and reliable communication with public-use facilities or working locations, including mining and tunnelling sites.

ERRC/DAS technology enables emergency responders to communicate with each other to collaborate and provide an efficient and unified service in the case of fires, security threats or an emergency.

The National Fire Protection Association (NTFPA), International Fire Code (IFC) and Tennessee Government have building codes in place to ensure that DAS systems keep in line with safety regulations.

DAS technology provided by Carroll

Carroll Technologies is a supplier of mining safety equipment across North America. The company provides a number of safety certified DAS systems from its distribution network of manufacturers, including G-Wave Solutions, SOLID, Wilson Pro, SureCall and Pyott-Boone.

Carroll Technologies is also a leading provider of safety equipment for more than 800 mines in the United States. Its diverse range of communication solutions supports operations across the mining, tunnelling and construction industries.

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