What credentials does Texaco have in the mining sector?

Texaco Lubricants has been active in the mining industry for over 75 years. Mining is a truly global industry, and one in which Texaco has strong relationships and long-term agreements with large mining companies across the US and Asia-Pacific, as well as in Europe, central Asia and Africa.

Our comprehensive research and development, as well as our proprietary base oil and additive divisions, allow us to create products specifically for the sector and its unique challenges.

For example, Texaco Delo 600 ADF engine oil provides effective deposit control, helps maintain long drain performance and contributes to diesel particulate filters (DPF) protection. Other bespoke products include Delo TorqForce Syn SAE 5W-20 transmission and hydraulic system lubricant, and Delo Syn ATF 668. All our products are specially formulated to help protect valuable equipment and help reduce operating costs.

What customers does Texaco Lubricants work with?

Across the globe, we work with almost every kind of mining operation. In Europe, our customers are largely focused on gold, zinc and copper, while in Africa, we also support customers in the extraction of bauxite and iron ore.

What are the customer benefits of the Texaco Lubricants range?

One of the main advantages is the premium quality of our products. Operational efficiency and reliability are key in this sector, so our customers know when they select our premium products that they can help them achieve that. In addition, we have a wide range of options, from engine and hydraulic oils through to greases and coolants. We do our best to cover all equipment demands, no matter what the business requires.

Initial product selection is incredibly important for mining operations. You’ve got to ensure you get the right products for each individual application or you may face issues down the line with maintenance and efficiency. Our salespeople are highly trained technical experts, so they can give sound advice, based on a deep understanding of our products and the current industry technology.

Another key area that deserves to be highlighted, particularly given the supply challenges over the last couple of years, is the commitment and adaptability of our supply chain and logistics teams. Given the location of some of the facilities we work with, our logistics providers are able to work around some very complex issues, including areas of political unrest, border restraints, geographical features and extreme weather challenges.

Our benefits aren’t just contained within our premium products. Working with Texaco means you will receive a holistic and flexible approach. This includes after-sales and technical support, supply chain and logistical assistance, as well as ongoing customer support post-delivery.