A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by the Department of Mining Machinery Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad, and Normet India Private Limited, Noida, (NIPL) of Normet group.

The deal was signed by Mr Ville Iljanko (GM Services Asia Pacific), Mr Arup Ratan Chanda and Mr Suyash Kumar for NIPL, as well as Professor Rajiv Shekhar (Director of IIT(ISM)), Professor Shalivahan Svismagp and Dr LA Kumaraswamidhas.

The purpose of the MoU is to promote collaboration between the two entities in mutually beneficial areas.

The benefits of the agreement include specialised training provided to the NIPL employees by IIT (ISM) in areas of interest such as mobile hydraulics and machine safety, as well as electronics and IoT training. Additionally, assistance and guidance will be provided by IIT (ISM) faculty members in production modification, modernisation, validation and troubleshooting using the Kaizen approach.

In return, NIPL will provide employment opportunities for graduating students from the Indian School of Mines.

Each mode of interaction will be initiated by entering a separate agreement between the two parties.

The MoU will also allow for the sponsoring of research and development projects, which will be carried out on the premises of either party. A research agreement will be entered in order to form a research programme, as well as separate research projects.

This may include individual or concurrent research carried out at their own facilities, where results are regularly exchanged. It may also involve technical personnel from both IIT(ISM) and NIPL working together at one facility belonging to either party. Finally, the agreement may include third party research carried out by both parties in collaboration with other entities.

The Indian Institute of Technology ISM

The Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad, is located in Jharkhand, a mineral-rich state in eastern India.

Established in 1926, IIT (ISM) is the only institution in India to have all earth science branches. The campus houses a geological museum, seismic observatory, long wall mine gallery and remote sensing laboratory.

The institute is working towards becoming a think-tank for the petroleum and earth science industry, with a focus on the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data technology.

Normet India

Normet is focused on the transformation of sustainability and digitalisation of mining and tunnelling operations, providing innovative technology solutions to improve processes, productivity and safety, including equipment, construction chemicals, rock reinforcement and underground services.

Together with IIT (ISM), the MoU will further strength Normet’s position as an innovator for future advancements in the mining industry.