The machinations of a mine don’t always run smoothly. Equipment can break down without warning, so it’s important for operators to always have the right mining repair companies in mind when they need technical support.

When a mining plant is out of action, whether this is due to due to blown pipe or a broken electrical circuit, a producer’s losses can be so substantial they’re counted by the minute rather than the hour. Coal preparation modules can see their losses reach up to $3,300 per minute, which is why mining repair companies are so needed.

Outside incidents of all-out shutdown, routine maintenance is still essential to increase the longevity of a product. Fortunately for mine operators across North America, safety supplier Carroll Technologies Group is on hand to cater to all of their repair and maintenance needs.

Representatives from the company are on hand 24/7 through their MinerCare phone line to provide all technical support customers may need. Offering a range of on and off-site repair and maintenance services, Carrol Technologies Group can help with both emergency shut downs and general upkeep of products.

Carroll Technologies group is one of the best mining repair companies to fix or maintain a variety of products

The company prides itself on the relationships it fosters with its clients, of which there are now over 800. When you invest in a Carroll product, you’re not just investing in the technology – you’re investing in the future of your business.

Alongside product support, Carroll is able to conduct factory-authorised repairs from one of 13 workshops located across nine states, or on-site. The company is licensed to repair products from Pyott-Boone Electronics, Eaton and SMC to name just a few, and meet or exceed MSHA specifications in the process. It can repair self-rescuers, monitoring equipment and radios, and is equipped to service and maintain a variety of communications systems.

Carroll Technologies group is also able to fit and maintain a bespoke leaky feeder communication system for its clients. The firm is able to personally customise the system for the individual needs of each plant it works with. These systems will likewise be backed by MinerCare, meaning communications in the mine will always be supported – in the worst-case scenario of a leaky feeder malfunction during a late shift, there will always be a MinerCare representative on hand to help.

Carroll Technologies Group president Allen Haywood said: “Carroll has always valued service as the most important part of our business.

“Our customers are looking for good products at competitive prices but there is no better value than great service that comes with and after the sale.”

When trawling mining repair companies looking for the best deal, consider Carroll Technologies Group.