As a supplier of process instrumentation for all processes during a mining operation, VEGA offers radar level measurement devices that are optimised for dealing with different materials, including bulk solids.

The VegaPuls 67, 68, SR 68 and 69 offer excellent signal focusing so that internal silo installations or build-up on the vessel wall do not affect the accuracy of measurements. They are capable of working efficiently in adverse environments such as strong dust generation, loud noises and temperature fluctuations.

The VegaPuls 67, SR 68 and 68 emit extremely short microwave pulses (K-band frequency range) from the antenna system in the direction of the measured bulk solid, where it is reflected back from the product surface and received by the antenna system. The time from emission to reception of the returned signals is used to calculate the distance and therefore the product level in the vessel. A specially designed time stretching procedure enables reliable and precise measurement even when dealing with extremely short times.

The VegaPuls 69 operates with emitted power in the W-band frequency range (80 GHz) and continuously emits its radar signal via its lens-shaped antenna, which is frequency modulated with a sawtooth form. The 80GHz technology enables unparalleled focusing of the radar beam and a wide dynamic range of the radar sensors. This signal is reflected by the bulk solid material and received by the antenna as an echo. Rather than calculate based on return time, the VegaPuls measures the frequency of the received signal, which always deviates from the emitted frequency.

Non-contact radar technology offers extremely high accuracy and isn’t affected by abrasion from bulk solids or other hazards that can lead to wear or unreliable measurements, such as dust and airflow due to pneumatic filling.

For more information about the VEGAPULS range of continuous level measurement devices, visit VEGA’s website.