Dust suppression in underground tunnels is essential for ensuring a safe environment for mine workers. MINETECH (016671BOX0201) Q-foam spray polyurethane offers an excellent airtight seal and a closed-cell content greater than 95%.

This mine ventilation air sealant is a disposable, expandable spray foam kit, which comprises two chemical components.

When sprayed from low pressure dispensing equipment, the foam expands 6-10 times its initial volume, creating an airtight seal around the targeted area. Within 30 seconds, the product becomes tack free.

A typical kit has a yield of 15 ft3 / 180ft2 at one inch thick. The foam has a temperature tolerance between -250°F – 250°F and tensile strength of 36.14 psi (ASTM D1623). It does not contain CFC’s, Penta-BDE’s, VOC’s or Urea-Formaldehyde

Quaker’s mine foam sealant is available through their US distributor, Carroll Technologies, who have been providing mining safety equipment to more than 800 mines across North America for more than thirty years.

Quaker Chemical is a well-established company and we’ve been representing them for some time,” explains Allen Haywood, president of Carroll Technologies. “They specialise in dust suppression chemicals.

“One of the most popular products that we supply for them is the Mine Foam, which is used to spray into areas to make a solid seal to control airflow in underground mining applications. It’s very easy to use and is more efficient than its competitors. Carroll Engineering always keeps this product in stock, and operators usually let us know how much they use a month so we can arrange to have regular shipments sent to them around their schedule.”

Dust suppression controls the flow of dust generated during mine processes to improve the breathable atmosphere and reduce the risk of fire, making this product vital for safety.

Other MINETECH Quaker Chemical products include the polyurethane and silicate systems for consolidation and preventing water infiltration of unstable ground conditions, such as the MINETECH™ PUR 70, MINETECH AQUASIL and MINETECH™ FOAMSIL.

For more information about dust suppression solutions or to purchase Quaker Chemical Q-Foam for your project, call Carroll Technologies at 606-573-1000 or send an enquiry here.

This article was first published on Carroll Technologies