Micron manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of industrial control transformers in the US, including products ranging from 25VA to 5000VA in any 600-volt class voltage combination. All Micron transformers are 50/60 Hz rated and available in a 105⁰C, 130⁰C, or 180⁰C temperature class.

With more than 30 years of experience providing safety and power distribution equipment for US mines, Carroll Technologies is ideally positioned to provide transformers and customised power solutions.

According to Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood: “We have stocked Micron equipment and have sold that product for years.  It is a very good, proven product, that is very reasonably priced. It is designed to take care of a lot of different applications for a lot of different voltages.”

For more than 40 years, Micron has been a trusted supplier of transformers and power supplies for customers across the globe. The 50VA transformer (B050BTZ13RB)    can be purchased in the US through Carroll Technologies. For more information regarding power distribution and transformers for your mining project, or to get a quote for your mining safety needs, call Carroll on 606-573-1000 or send an enquiry here.

Micron’s transformers are electrically tested to regulatory standards with automatic test equipment. Each unit undergoes 100% testing during encapsulation, as well as again before being taken to the finished goods inventory.

Customers that purchase transformers or power solutions for mines and tunnels through Carroll Technologies benefit from the industry-leading MinerCare 24/7 service. Offering technical support around the clock, rapid response to emergencies and a spare parts inventory worth more than $7million, customers will also get the most out of their investment when utilising Carroll Technologies factory-authorised repair centres. With a distribution network of more than 70 trusted manufacturers, Carroll Technologies can meet your power distribution needs. In addition to Micron, Carroll is partnered with Federal Pacific, Benshaw, Mining Controls, ABB and SMC Electrical Products in order to provide a comprehensive range of equipment, including transformers, variable frequency drives, motor and drive controls, power centres and AC connectors.

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