America’s premier supplier of Huesker mining products: Carroll Technologies provides a customized solution, optimized and integrated with other leading systems.

We distribute Huesker’s range of high-quality geosynthetics for mining applications, including infrastructure, materials handling and waste management.

Huesker’s infrastructure solutions meet the challenges of liquid transportation, platform stabilisation, road/rail construction on soft soil, and berth protection/scour prevention. Its materials handling solutions are suitable for steep embankment construction, barrier interface stabilisation and longwall/highwall support. Huesker also provides waste management solutions for tailings dam embankment construction and primary barrier protection.

Every product and service provided through Carroll Technologies is MSHA approved and supported by our experienced product support team.

With more than thirty years of experience providing safety solutions to the mining industry, Carroll Technologies is ideally positioned to ensure that operations at more than 800 mines across North America are run safely and efficiently.

Carroll Technologies provides more than geosynthetics, with comprehensive services including post-purchase support. Carroll’s expert team offers around the clock MinerCare support for your installation needs, as well as 24/7 support for maintenance and repairs. With our 13 distribution centres, growing network of manufacturers and essential mining technology repair components worth more than $7 million, our team can deal with any problems that may arise.

Our rapid response services ensure that safety equipment can be repaired or delivered to a mine in the case of an emergency, from critical machine breakdown to mine fires.

We also provide comprehensive training to our clients to keep operators staff up to date with safety regulations and proper procedures.

Carroll Technologies ensures that mining operators choose the most efficient equipment, fully optimised for its application and site conditions. Our mining consultancy services cover product support, factory authorised repair, communications network design, a service exchange programme and rapid response safety compliance.

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