From contact level measurement to ultrasonic, laser and radar sensors, a wide range of methods are used to monitor the levels of material across different mining applications every day. However, when it comes to the high-accuracy measurement of aggregate in rock crushing, non-contact level measurement with radar has proven to be the number-one solution.

Finding a reliable level measurement device is of high importance in rock crushing. To transport and process the largest possible volumes of crushed rock, an optimal size is required, with the ore undergoing crushing in both a primary and secondary rock crusher to achieve this. In these processes, level measurement ensures that optimum throughputs are reached, enabling efficient, continuous operation for miners. At the same time, the risk of choking and damaging the crusher is significantly reduced.

Purchasing the correct level measurement instrument for rock crushing is an important investment and one that will result in considerable savings over time. With so many different types on the market, what makes radar sensors stand out as the best choice?

Radar level measurement for rock crushers

Rock crushing is a very demanding operation. The extremely noisy and dusty conditions inside a rock crusher make it particularly difficult to obtain reliable, accurate readings with ultrasonic or laser level sensors, which are better suited to other applications.

On the other hand, radar sensors such as the VEGAPULS 69 use a lens-shaped antenna to emit a continuous radar signal. The instrument is easily installed at the top of the crushing vessel, with the rock reflecting the signal back to the antenna as an echo. The received signal’s frequency deviates from the emitted signal’s frequency, enabling the device to calculate the difference and determine the level of medium in the vessel.

Radar level sensors are unaffected by the harsh conditions generated by rock crushing, making them the most accurate form of level measurement for the application. With non-contact radar level measurement, high measurement accuracy for optimal continuous processing is guaranteed.

High-accuracy radar level sensor with 80 GHz

Designed by level measurement specialists Vega, the VEGAPULS 69 is the ideal solution for the job. Its antenna powerfully focuses high-frequency (80Ghz) microwaves towards bulk material to generate strong signals, independent of vapours, dust and noise.

Due to the non-contact measuring principle, the instrument is wear and maintenance-free. It has a measuring range extending up to 120m and features app integration. Easy to mount and set up within a rock crusher, the VEGAPULS 69 delivers reliable level measurement even during filling and is suited to both large and small applications.