Today’s technology is enabling unprecedented operational optimisation across industries. But many operators continue to rely on traditional methods of fleet management (FMS), which often lack speed, analysis, and mobility.

With existing FMS, a lack of real-time insights, no mobile access and limited analytics means that operational decisions tend to be made based on personal experience and gut feeling, rather than robust, comprehensive data. As well as this, information relay tends to be delayed, so dispatchers and supervisors miss the opportunity to make dynamic, timely decisions.

Time to embrace more powerful tools

The power of Cloud technology, automation and AI is changing the face of FMS. Haultrax’s FleetOps solution, for example, has been designed to eliminate traditional barriers to entry of mining technology. It is a digital solution which removes the need for inefficient, manual information entry, and uses basic GPS tracking devices and smart algorithms to create cycle time and time usage data – without requiring any operator screens or input.

Combining this insight with management and reporting functionality, mining operators are equipped with detailed information on day-to-day activity, giving them new visibility and allowing them to make better decisions.

Here, Mining Technology examines five ways to transform your FMS.

1. The power of algorithms

While other FMS systems use past data to identify trends, FleetOps allows operators to keep their eyes on current performance and targets.

Through GPS timestamp samples, FleetOps’ analytics engine translates a series of data points into machine time usage and cycle time information, including full/empty haul time, spot queue time at load and dump, loading and dumping times, operator conformance, key performance indicators (KPIs), asset utilisation, and total productive time and delay conformance – all useful, actionable insights.

The system’s powerful algorithms also show productive movement and detailed cycle time analysis, time usage breakdown and material tracking. This allows operators to generate intelligent KPIs; instead of focusing on tonnes per hour, for example, you can prioritise payload conformance. This metric is more controllable and allows more detailed optimisation of operations which will make a material difference.

2. Automated inputs

Rather than slow, resource-consuming and error-prone manual input, data is gathered automatically, with no operator input or screens necessary. FleetOps makes it easy to configure and integrate data inputs from FMS, payload management, tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and other productivity systems into one system.

Not only does this eliminate human error and increase data integrity, but it paves the way to an operation’s digital transformation, which will prepare your business for the future of industry.

3. Real-time insight

Unlike paper-and-pen management systems, FleetOps eliminates information delay, generating insights from real-time data to provide information that is timely and actionable.

Equipped with this information, supervisors can make decisions on the ground, where it counts and when it counts.

4. Information delivered to the frontline

While traditional FMS can be slow and unwieldy, FleetOps is designed to deliver the power of data to the operations team, providing the right information directly to the right people.

When supervisors understand exactly how assets are being used, where time is being wasted, and how the operation is performing in real time, they can use this data to optimise operations.

5. Software as a Service

As a web application, FleetOps can be run on any device, and there is no need for any additional hardware. Not only does this mean that insights and notifications are available on mobile, but its reduced technology requirement also means minimal initial capital investment for miners. In particular, the application’s simple store and forward systems mean that there is no need for perfect communications coverage or a pricey WiFi network onsite.

A new approach to FMS

A lightweight tool with serious benefits for mine productivity, FleetOps proves that effective technologies can provide better mining fleet management at a fraction of the cost of current dispatching systems. With this tool, Haultrax aims to bridge the gap between Tier 1 operations and the rest of the industry, providing all mining sites with the opportunity to transform their FMS, optimise operations, and stay ahead of the digital curve.