Effective underground communication is essential for maintaining the safety and efficiency of mining operations, and the Model 112 Page Boss mine phone by Pyott-Boone (112 GEN II) is one of the most advanced communication devices available to the industry.

Carroll Technologies is a trusted and leading supplier of Page Boss phones across North America, having delivered safety equipment to more than 800 mines in the US for more than 30 years.

The Page Boss Model 112 Series comprises the Model 112 Gen II, Model 112, and Model 112RS. Based on Pyott-Boone’s design experience, the Page Boss series offer a proven, robust and economical design. Weighing just 11lbs, it is lightweight, easy to use, and offers variety with adjustable volume controls, as well as both paging and semi-private communication.

“The Pyott-Boone phone is a unit that has been in service for many years. It’s proven in the mining industry,” explains Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood. “We stock a lot of these units and similar products, and we can customize them with a dialling pad or a warning light.”

Page Boss phones deliver clear and undistorted communication across an entire pager system and are compatible with all two-wire, 12VDC page phones available to the mining and underground tunnelling industry.

The Page Boss phone series are enclosed in NEMA 4X rated polycarbonate resin and feature a combination handle handset hanger and mounting bracket.

In order to engage the paging function on all standard models, users hold down both the page switch and the handset switch simultaneously. For the semi-private conversation capability, users press the headset switch only. An inter-face unit is available to connect the pager phone network to leaky feeder radio systems.

Pyotte-Boone products supplied through Carroll Technologies are fully MSHA approved and covered by MinerCare 24/7, which provides round the clock technical support, an extensive spare-parts inventory, and factory-authorized repair at 13 Carroll support centers across the US.

For more information about the Page Boss Family products, or to order the Modell 112 for your mine, visit Carroll’s online mining shop.

This article was first published on Carroll Technologies