Energizer is a global provider of power and portable lighting products. Headquartered in the US, Energizer is a trusted manufacturer of everyday batteries, rechargeable batteries and battery chargers, as well as an extensive range of lighting solutions such as flashlights, handsfree lighting, and area lighting.

Portable lighting is an essential part of daily operations for many industries, especially underground mining and tunnelling sectors. Lighting solutions must be high-quality and robust, and their power sources must be reliable and long-lasting to ensure that operations run smoothly. Energizer’s product ranges include the Energizer Headlamps, Energizer Weatheready, Energizer Hard Case Professional, Energizer Vision HD Performance Metal, Energizer Intrinsically Safe, and Energizer Performance Metal Tactical Lights.

Perhaps most widely known for its range of long-lasting batteries, this lighting and power solution company offers both single-use and rechargeable batteries with different compositions and features depending on the application. For example, Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries differ from standard alkaline batteries in both chemistry and construction. They are the world’s most long-lasting AA and AAA batteries and operate in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140°F.

Carroll Technologies has been providing mining safety and lighting equipment to US mines for more than 30 years. Having supplied products and services such as LED lighting, cap lights, and PPE equipment to more than 800 sites, Carroll is an experienced and trusted distributor with an extensive network of manufacturer partnerships. For lighting solutions, Carroll is ideally positioned to recommend and supply products and batteries that mine owners can rely on.

Customers who purchase lighting and safety products through Carroll benefits from MinerCare 24/7, the most comprehensive support service in the industry. As a factory-authorized repair center for major manufacturers, Carroll Technologies offers customers the best return on their investment. MinerCare 24/7 also includes technical support, an extensive spare parts inventory and rapid emergency response. 

Call Carroll Technologies on 606-573-1000 or send an enquiry here to purchase lighting solutions and long-lasting batteries for your mine.

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