Self-contained self-rescuers (SCSR) are vital pieces of equipment in underground mines, and the Ocenco EBA 6.5 is a standout amongst them. These easily portable devices provide personal respiratory protection for mine personnel should the air around them become unbreathable, by blocking off the nose and allowing the wearer to breathe through a mouthpiece which delivers a clean supply of oxidised gas.

The atmosphere in a mine can be volatile, which is why equipment like this is so important – breathable air can come to be compromised in seconds underground. Carbon monoxide levels as low as 0.1% are liable to cause fatality within just a few minutes, and it can take as little as 30 seconds of oxygen deprivation for a miner to lose consciousness.

The EBA 6.5 is a little different to most SCSRs on the market. Its closed-circuit apparatus uses compressed oxygen, rather than the chemical-based breathing solutions available from alternate vendors. This allows for extended life of the product as these units can be repaired and refurbished after use where others cannot, giving the wearer with the security of a 15-year useful life.

The EBA 6.5’s clear case allows the miner to quickly and accurately assess the condition of the device.

How do you use the Ocenco EBA 6.5?

An EBA 6.5, rather than being a belt-bourne SCSR, will be stored in bulk in a refuge centre in a mine.

In the event of a crisis, workers can strap on their short term ambulatory SCSRs and make their way to the EBA 6.5 storage point, where they can transfer to these devices. Their compressed oxygen delivery makes them much more comfortable to wear than other SCSRs, which use an oxidisation process to convert non-respirable elements into hot, dry air.

The EBA 6.5 can also be manually adjusted to provide the user with oxygen as and when they need it. While it delivers 90 minutes of operation time on full-blast, it can be manually regulated by the wearer on and off as they need, allowing up to eight hours breathing time if necessary.

Eight hours may sound like overkill, but in emergency situations where rescue could be delayed for extended periods of time, this feature may well save lives.

Carroll Technologies Group can supply the EBA 6.5 to its clients all over North America. Trusted by over 800 mining and tunnelling sites across the continent, Carroll is a leading supplier of mine safety and rescue equipment.