Cutler-Hammer (a registered trademark of Eaton Corporation) provides a range of surge protection devices that are used against the damaging effects of utility switching, lightning and switching electric motors.

Building on Eaton’s experience of developing solutions that enhance electrical safety, as well as code compliance, reliability and efficient power distributions, Cutler-Hammer circuit protection devices and components are fail-safe solutions that protect your electrical circuit when excessive or unsafe loads of power are detected. The company manufactures low and medium-voltage premium protection devices that prevent overheating wires, overloads and short circuits.

Through a network of distributors, Cutler-Hammer products are available across the globe in industries ranging from electric, automotive, mining and tunnelling. In the US, Culter-Hammer circuit breakers are available through Carroll Technologies, experts in mining safety, motor controls and electronics.

According to the Allen Haywood, president of Carroll Technologies: “We have a large inventory of circuit breaker products from Cutler-Hammer, they’re always in stock as they are a critical device.

“They have a large array of circuit breakers in different sizes and we work with customers to make sure we have the solution for them.”

Carroll provides a wide range of Cutler-Hammer products, including:

  • Circuit breakers (1922TNR) (1925TNR) (1254TNR)
  • Under voltage circuit breakers (UVM4LP08K) (UVM3LP08K)
  • Handle extensions (HEX-4) (HEX-5)
  • Safety switches (DH361FRK)
  • Magnet coils (9-2756-1)

Customers who purchase protective devices through Carroll benefit from its 24/7 MinerCare services, including rapid response to crisis situations and an extensive stock of spare parts. If your mine requires emergency replacement parts due to switching electric motors, Cutler-Hammer surge protection devices can be shipped at any time from one of Carroll’s 13 distribution centers across the US. MinerCare also provides industry-leading technical support, as well as factory-authorized repair.

For more information about Culter-Hammer surge protection devices call Carroll Technologies on 606-573-1000 or send an enquiry here.

This article was first published on Carroll Technologies