Reliable conveyor motor controls for mines and tunnels is an essential part of keeping operations running smoothly. Carroll Technologies stocks a comprehensive range of motor protection products and applied motor controls from Benshaw Incorporated, which specialises in mission-critical motor control solutions for heavy-duty industries and applications.

Carroll supplies a range of conveyor motor controls for mines and tunnels, including:

  • Starters (RX2E-250-480-12)
  • Motor starter cards (BIPC-300055-01)
  • Sensorless vector drives (RSI025S44W)
  • Soft start (RC2-0-S-052A-31)
  • Contactor (RC-150A-56AC110)

According to Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood: “We are a stocking distributor of Benshaw conveyor motor control products and have been for decades, they’re a very reliable company with a good product. Benshaw is a company that designs, builds and manufactures soft starts and motor controls, which we use in the construction and building of our belt starter.

“They’re also used for complete packages for starting builds and starting pumps. They have a lot of contactors and can provide any electrical starting applications for motors, so they have a lot of pre-packaged systems that house the contacter or the starter, the transformer, the push button and control and indicator lights, at all different sizes and different variations for different sized motors.”

Purchasing conveyor motor controls for mines and tunnels through Carroll Technologies gives customers access to MinerCare 24/7, the most comprehensive product support service in the mining industry. MinerCare offers around the clock technical assistance, as well as rapid response to emergency situations- supporting more than 800 mines with a spare parts inventory worth more than $7 million from 70+ manufacturers at 13 distribution centres across the US. Carroll also performs factory-authorized repair and certification, maximising the value of customer investment.

To contact Carroll for a quote or to discuss which conveyor motor control products will work best for your mining project, send an enquiry here or call 606-573-1000.