Circuit breaker and repair equipment for mines and tunnelling operations are essential maintenance and protection devices relied upon for protection against the damaging effects of lightning, utility switching and switching electric motors.

Given the risk involved, mine owners only look for the best quality products when it comes to circuit breakers, the question, is where to start?

Carroll Technologies supplies safety, motor control, and electronic devices to more than 800 US mines, so has established a trusted network of manufacturers along with its 30 years of experience. Cutler-Hammer and Eaton have stood as suppliers of circuit breaker and repair equipment for mines and tunnelling based on decades of experiences providing code compliance, reliability and efficiency in all its protection devices.

According to the Allen Haywood, president of Carroll Technologies: “We always have a large inventory of circuit breaker products. They are a critical device. We work with customers to make sure we have the solution for them, offering a large array of circuit breakers in different sizes.”

Circuit breaker and repair equipment provided by Carroll Technologies includes:

  • Cutler-hammer circuit breakers (1922TNR) (1925TNR) (1254TNR)
  • Eaton E2 mining circuit breaker (0514TNR) (0916NR)(0958TNRRP)(0553TNR-NS)(0723NR)
  • Under voltage circuit breakers (UVM4LP08K) (UVM3LP08K)
  • Handle extensions (HEX-4) (HEX-5)
  • Safety switches (DH361FRK)
  • Magnet coils (9-2756-1)

Furthering the value of customer investment in these products, Carroll Technologies is a factory-authorized repair center and stocks a selection of spare parts worth more than $7m. Included with the purchase of circuit breaker and repair equipment from Carroll is access to MinerCare 24/7, which in addition to repair services, offers around the clock technical support and industry-leading rapid response to emergency situations.

For more information about how your mine or tunnelling operations can benefit from Carroll Technologies endorsed circuit breaker and repair equipment, call Carroll on 606-573-1000 or send an enquiry here.

This article was first published on Carroll Technologies