Personnel safety should be at the top of every mine operator’s priorities. While there are numerous measures that must be taken in order to avoid illness or injury to staff in the workplace, the immediate detection of flammable gases, toxic airborne chemicals, and oxygen depletion is one of the most important.

Without warning, life-threatening vapours can be released within a mine. In order to protect staff against a dangerous gas leak or a reduction in oxygen levels, companies can invest in specialist gas detection for mines and tunnelling.

A multi-gas detector, such as MSA’s Altair 4X Detector provides such protection. According to Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood: “Our handheld gas detection for mines and tunnelling are provided by MSA, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality safety products and gas detection system solutions.

“These gas detection units are typically used for any underground operations or confined space operation such as tunnels, mine shafts , sewer canals, large tanks and containers. They monitor for gas and oxygen to ensure that the worker is safe and has breathable air.

“We also supply gas detection from Pyotte Boone Electronics, who offer a fixed gas detection solution that is used for underground applications.”

Offering a four-year operational life, MSA’s Altair 4X Detector is assembled to order and used to alert the user to the presence of combustibles, toxins, and anaerobic environments within 15 seconds.

The device also comes with MotionAlert as standard. This innovative feature activates an alert when it detects no movement from the user for 30 seconds or longer in case they are injured or unconscious. The device user is also able to activate the InstantAlert alarm to warn colleagues of nearby hazards.

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