Despite these difficult times, the Australian mining industry is remaining strong. In January this year, adding to its extensive range of robust process instrumentation, Vega introduced the 2020 range of entry-level measurement devices, including basic radar levels and pressure transmitters.

These new radar level switches and compact pressure transmitters have been specifically developed for simple applications. According to Leadbetter, senior managing director at Vega: “We’ve always manufactured products that are suited for more hazardous or robust types of applications, and what we needed to do was come up with a device that still has the same performance, but didn’t have all the features or approval requirements that our standard devices have. It’s what we call an entry-level product.”

Starting with the new range of level switches, the 2020 range is available as a compact device (the VEGAPOINT 11, 21 and 31) or with a tube extension for submersion (the VEGAPOINT 23). These capacitive point level switches have been developed primarily for liquid measurement where only a basic amount of information is needed, for instance, when the liquid level in a tank needs to be monitored. The VEGAPOINT 31 can also be utilised for light bulk solids.

The format of the new range is the same and they remain Bluetooth compatible, so they can be programmed and accessed via a smartphone or tablet. As they are intended for basic measurement applications, they have a limited radar range compared to standard models, but they are just as robust and a much more cost-effection alternative when minimal data is needed. All the devices in this range have hygienic approval and all-around switching status display.

Similarly, the new range of pressure transmitters has also been developed for simple applications. These devices measure hydraulic fluids pressure in water pipes for processes that don’t require a more advanced type of unit. VEGA recreated a similar format to standard models, offering the same reliable performance for simpler applications. The VEGABAR range of compact pressure transmitters is available with either a metallic measuring cell (for high pressures) or ceramic measuring cell (for temperature and abrasion resistance), so they are just as robust as advanced ranges.

The compact VEGABAR range is likely to be fitted before the pump reaches the mine. According to Leadbetter, VEGA has worked with manufacturers at the factory level for installation on their equipment before it reaches the site. For the mine, this means pumps arrive already programmed and ready for work, with VEGA available should the need for a replacement arise.

The 2020 range is an ideal, cost-effective solution for the simple applications in a mining network, which easily integrate with more advanced devices. For more information about which device is best suited for your application, visit VEGA’s website for the VEGAPOINT and VEGABAR specifications.