Concept: American security operations management software provider Swimlane has rolled out a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform to empower the security operations teams of enterprises with machine-speed decision making. The platform helps security centers to manage the growing volume of alerts more efficiently by automating time-consuming incident response processes.

Nature of Disruption: The solution collects security alert data from virtually any security platform with minimal effort and then automatically responds to alerts using automated workflows and playbooks. The automated workflows easily integrate with organizations’ existing tools while addressing data compliance laws and regulations, automating 80-90% of the incident response process. Swimlane supports multiple users, roles, permissions, groups and is designed for rapid deployment and configuration. It is highly scalable with granular multitenancy, high availability and disaster recovery. The platform provides a comprehensive and interactive dashboard that highlights remediation cases in progress, alert levels, threat intelligence, which track scenario-specific security tasks and actions. The dashboard views are rapidly customized using flexible and easy to configure visualization. Additionally, Swimlane has partnered with businesses under its ‘Technology Partnership Program’ to build successful security product integration points, and through its free community and content sharing platforms, it allows customers and non-customers to collaborate to solve problems with the integrations and standard scripting language of Swimlane.

Outlook: Increase in cybersecurity incidents, lack of skilled employees and adequate security operations center and incident response tech are some of the key challenges faced by enterprises related to cybersecurity. Swimlane’s SOAR platform prioritizes alerts, remediates threats and improves operational efficiency. The startup has introduced Swimlane Analyst Hub, a way to aggregate its developer tools and content for security analysts, including PowerShell-based digital forensics and incident response tools. Swimlane has raised $40M in venture funding to expand R&D, accelerate partnerships, alliances and expand operations globally.

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