Concept: French startup Sweep has developed an online tool to simplify the process of collecting carbon emissions data across an enterprise’s entire value chain, including internal operations and external stakeholders. It works with multinational companies with extensive supply chains and partner networks to manage scope 3 emissions, which are indirect emissions that are difficult to track.

Nature of Disruption: Sweep allows companies to regularly measure emissions, which allows everyone in the enterprise access to the information they need to consider what needs to improve. It also enables businesses to set milestones, such as individual or team-wide objectives, and gamify the process through friendly competition. Sweep has granular controls on who can access what information across a company’s subsidiaries or partners, which is essential for safeguarding confidential data. Land usage, power generation, travel, and material transportation are examples of common data types used in the sweep processes. The startup provides APIs that enable businesses to link to any device, service or database with only a few lines of code. This gives them the ability to pull data from almost anywhere. The startup is also developing pre-built integrations for relevant services such as travel booking apps and other SaaS tools, which are not yet available. Besides that, Sweep can connect climate data across companies, permitting all parties in a supply chain to collaborate. It also has a curated platform for carbon offsetting ventures, and aids in the mapping of a company’s emissions. Sweep can also offer ‘investor grade reports that can be set to automatically publish according to the modern carbon accounting standards.

Outlook: Companies willing to claim ‘net zero’ emissions status need to understand the importance of scope 3 emissions in any carbon accounting procedure. Businesses may diligently control their internal emissions, but their supply chains can significantly contribute to carbon output. Sweep aims to address this problem with its product portfolio. As public and governmental pressure grow, businesses would be required to not only quantify but also show that they are reducing their carbon footprint, which Sweep’s reporting functionality can help with. The startup is currently working on collaborations with two major global manufacturers and a telecommunications corporation to help them manage their Scope 3 carbon emissions.

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