Concept: California’s cybersecurity startup QuSecure has rolled out an end-to-end quantum resilient orchestration platform named QuProtect to protect encrypted communications and data using a quantum secure channel and standardized PQC (post-quantum cryptography) algorithms. QuSecure claims that QuProtect can address present classical attacks and future quantum computing threats for commercial enterprises and government agencies.

Nature of Disruption: QuSecure claims that using QuProtect companies can leverage quantum resilient technology to help prevent today’s cyberattack, while future-proofing networks and preparing for post-quantum cyberthreats. QuProtect provides quantum-resilient cryptography anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It uses end-to-end quantum security as a service (QSaaS) architecture that combines zero-trust, post-quantum-cryptography, quantum-strength keys, high availability, easy deployment, and active defense into a comprehensive and interoperable cybersecurity suite. QuProtect protects any node on the network by leveraging National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved quantum algorithms to create secure quantum communications channels. The technology enables backward compatibility and can translate back and forth from PQC to standard Transport Layer Security (TLS), ensuring interoperability with any network. QuProtect offers easy integration and deployment with zero client-side installations supporting most platforms. It enables controlled and phased deployment in the highest priority segments first which enables organizations to audit endpoints that don’t need an immediate upgrade.

Outlook: The cyberattacks on secure quantum networks are increasing and hackers are stealing encrypted data using a Steal Now, Decrypt Later (SNDL) strategy to collect global encrypted data. Organizations are seeking innovative quantum security solutions that can protect their data and mitigate cybersecurity risks. QuSecure claims that QuProtect offers an advanced PQC solution providing end-to-end quantum resilience for many critical use cases including satellite, network, and IoT communications. It can be hosted on-premises or via cloud-based orchestration and can be implemented across all devices of an organization with minimal disruption to existing systems. In August 2021, QuSecure raised $1.9 million in a seed funding round. The startup aims to use the funding to add more features to its cybersecurity platform.

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