Concept: Swedish startup Quinyx’s developed a web-based system that offers scheduling and time reporting assistance for enterprises. The new software can change the way companies engage, forecast, manage and optimize their workforce by offering recently integrated advanced AI-driven market analysis, strategic planning and labor optimization solutions.

Nature of Disruption: Quinyx addresses business issues like demand forecasting, strategic planning, labor optimization, time and attendance, scheduling and engagement with the new AI-driven updated software. The solution facilitates with fully integrated time reporting to allow employees submit their applications even in a cell phone. Supporting scheduling function, the software generates intelligent and reliable staff management systems in accordance with the business practices of a company. The solution also drives employee engagement with real-time communication, mood check-in and rewards. Demand forecasting can provide with hyperlocal forecasts, event tracking and required headcount calculation features. Quinyx’s software can also help with multiple long-term demand forecasting as well as labor optimization that brings scheduling down to minutes and minimizes manual shifts mid-operations.

Outlook: Being still in nascent stage, Quinyx’s development has a long way to go. The use of AI in workforce management can reduce managers’ guesswork while making staff-related decisions and allow the existing talent pool to be used efficiently. Notably, Quinyx acquired AI workforce optimization company Widget Brain in 2020 to expand its operations.

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