Concept: Idaho’s cybersecurity startup Quantum Star has rolled out an AI-based malware detection software named Starpoint that leverages deep learning to detect any type of threat. The startup claims that the new software detects threats at the binary level both pre and post-execution that can exponentially reduce the time to detection. The software also enables customers to detect and classify threats proactively and increase the speed to quarantine the threats.

Nature of Disruption: Starpoint leverages deep learning technology to identify cyberthreats. It uses a proprietary algorithm to detect characteristics of malicious code and is agnostic to data type enabling it to be tailored to virtually any environment or system. In the detection process, the data is reorganized into a multidimensional coordinate system and then uploaded into an advanced neural network for evaluation. These data points converge into information that the software relays to the user as malicious or benign. It uses processes to detect the maliciousness of a file by identifying and labeling different types of malware, including ransomware, spyware, backdoors, and worms. The AI-based software boasts achieving greater than 99% accuracy with no prefiltering in place and also require very low resource consumption to execute. The core engine has low memory and computes consumption with average scan times of 23 milliseconds. It was designed to be deployed on any operating system (OS) at any layer in the network which enables integration throughout a customer’s existing tech stack and offers protection independent of internet connectivity. The flexible deployment model can provide end-to-end protection for business and service platforms.

Outlook: The average ransomware payment has significantly increased in 2021 as compared to 2020. Current cybersecurity solutions rely on static traditional means for detecting threats. The rising threat from ransomware is increasing the demand for an innovative cybersecurity solution. Quantum Star claims that the Starpoint software leverages deep learning to protect and safeguard the customer’s data. The startup claims that, unlike other AI-based malware detection software, Starpoint is extremely fast and agile and consumes minimal computation resources.

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