Concept: Google has upgraded navigation features in Google Maps to help EV drivers plan journeys along with charging stops. The upgrade calculates stops based on destination and how much charge will be left in the battery.

Nature of Disruption: The EV route planning helps drivers of electric cars like the Polestar 2 and Volvo XC40 Recharge that use Google integrated display systems find the optimal route. Based on the battery range of the car whilst planning the ride, the software calculates where the EV driver can halt and waiting time at the charging station. It also considers the charger availability and the type of charger in use. There is no need for the driver to make manual estimations based on the distance between charging stations and battery charge. Google Maps also displays nearby shops and food choices to the drivers at the charging station.

Outlook: For EV drivers without a Google’s native dashboard like the Polestar or XC40 Recharge, Google Maps on their phone and Android Auto or Apple CarPlay will still show nearby charging stations and availability, but it won’t be able to determine which station to go to based on battery’s real-time status. Google also plans to incorporate Google Maps into more car navigation systems eventually.

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