Concept: US-based company has launched an AI-powered DevOps platform called Ascension. It can assist companies in achieving their digital transformation goals. The platform enables businesses to extend their software development teams and deliver higher-quality, secure software while identifying new market opportunities and increasing corporate value through judicious software investments.

Nature of Disruption: Ascension enables both public and private sector businesses to unify, protect, and produce predictive insights across their software lifecycles, resulting in increased business value through integrated software delivery and lower technical debt via enterprise connections. It aids technology leaders to expand their distributed workforce and connect agile development across portfolios, teams, and individuals. The platform’s features assist them in aligning their business strategy with team-level execution while increasing visibility across the entire toolchain. It can assist mobile app owners and developers to quickly developing and securing critical mobile apps. It uses autonomous testing to focus on low-code test automation with self-learning capabilities that explore mobile applications and auto-generate sanity tests. The platform’s Mobile Studio tool introduces a contemporary cloud user experience for enhanced device interactions during testing and Test Editor function allows non-technical users to develop, validate, and manage test scripts. It can enhance pipeline visibility with Test Lens and Deploy Lens features to offer 360 degrees view for software delivery analysis. The platform uses past data to deploy ML models and make enhanced risk predictions. Also, it offers clients access to Digital.AI’s integration agility, release and deploy products. This helps customers to quickly set up, continuously release and promote code using Argo CD to orchestrate releases for Kubernetes. Customers using GitOps can take advantage of their best infrastructure practices. It provides them with a simple approach to building their integrations and enhancing current ones, reducing technical debt.

Outlook: Organizations require a platform that can help them plan, measure, and accelerate the business value from software investments while also lowering costs, ensuring security, and managing compliance. Technology leaders are under a lot of pressure to develop faster, but they are up against a lot of obstacles. Developers spend around one-third of their time on low-level tasks that could be automated allowing them to focus on higher-level work. Moreover, technical debt makes scaling automation difficult, and security and quality assurance teams are struggling to secure and manage an ever-increasing number of mobile devices and operating systems. This is driving demand for innovative software delivery systems like’s AI-Powered DevOps Platform around the world.’s platform offers advanced software development and delivery solutions, allowing concerned teams to leverage individual solutions or the complete platform. It claims that more than 1,500 organizations across industries, including more than half of the Fortune 500 rely on to handle the challenges and possibilities of digital transformation. Moreover,’s Government Cloud offers a FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program)-authorized enterprise agile planning solution to government entities.

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