Concept: Tel Aviv-based CYE offers a unique solution Hyver that amalgamates AI to inspect for technical weaknesses and human hackers to assess the overall security robustness of a company respectively. The solution helps companies fight against cyberthreats.

Nature of Disruption: Hyver deploys AI to provide a comprehensive security analysis of probable threats including internal IT systems and offerings from other security solution vendors. This cybersecurity explorer comprises scanning the deep and dark web for executive emails, leaked passwords, security patches or other intricate information that could have leaked already. Leveraging the intelligence, delegated hackers deploy supplementary non-simulated attacks to trigger the company’s weaknesses. This framework helps CYE to analyze the efficacy of the company’s security policies and the responsiveness of its security team.

Outlook: CYE shifts the security paradigm from a classical reactive approach and perimeter protection to a more proactive approach by attacking the company deliberately. By improving the AI, CYE maintained a human to avatar involvement ratio of 1:4, meaning 80% of the attacks are staged by avatars and 20% by humans. With Fortune 500 companies as clients, the Israeli startup has recently accumulated investments in a funding round led by EQT along with participation from 83North. The company plans further product development and expansion along with setting up of R&D, sales and marketing verticals with the funds gained in conjunction with hiring new talents.


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