Concept: Estonia-based parcel delivery robotics company Cleveron has launched a new unmanned semi-autonomous robotic last-mile delivery vehicle, the Cleveron 701. It is designed for retailers and logistics companies that intend to boost last-mile delivery efficiencies. The company aims to allow businesses to meet the mounting demand for same-day delivery or same-hour delivery cost-effectively.

Nature of Disruption: Cleveron  701 is a lightweight electric vehicle with an option to use different rechargeable batteries. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 30 miles per hour and it can carry a load of a maximum of 500 pounds. It can drive in low traffic areas like suburbs to deliver within a 15 to 30 minutes drive radius of a retailer, fulfillment center or a dark store. It can deliver goods from a warehouse or a store to customers staying nearby within an hour when administered remotely. It reduces labor costs as only one teleoperator can supervise 10 vehicles simultaneously.  Moreover, vehicle operators can customize the Cleveron  701’s adaptable, semi-autonomous platform as per diverse delivery needs. For instance, Cleveron 701 can be customized to function as a grocery delivery robot with temperature-controlled sections, a parcel delivery vehicle, an ice cream truck or even a high-tech coffee robot.

Outlook: E-commerce has become plain commerce as a result of the rise of online buying. However, delivery delays and costs continue to be an issue, particularly with groceries. Consumers’ desire for convenient and quick delivery requires a heavy delivery charge. With semi-autonomous driverless delivery, Cleveron plans to reduce the last-mile labor and delivery cost. The solution is thus expected to help retailers manage the increasing e-commerce parcel volumes and make last-mile delivery more convenient for end-users. Cleveron 710 can enable quick and convenient receipt of packages compared to a trip to the store for curbside pickup. The company has scheduled to begin mass production in 2023.

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