Concept: US-based Base Operations leverages AI to accumulate and visualize threat data to aid companies keep their people and operations safe around the world.

Nature of Disruption: Base Operations helps secure the people in the operation of an enterprise with Micro Intelligence. Micro Intelligence is street-level threat assessments providing a multitude of security tasks in real estate and supply chain security and travel security segments. It takes into consideration anything that traverses through the physical world (not cyber) that the Chief Security Officer looks after. The startup addresses physical threats arising from COVID-19, political unrest and more by accumulating accessible data from a range of sources and compiling them to inform threat profiles. The Micro Intelligence platform leverages ML to comprehend the plethora of information encountered daily and integrate them with other sources to deduce actionable insights. The sources may be government statistics, local news, social media, data from partnerships like universities and NGOs and more.

Outlook: While insights generated by the platform act to deduce risks to help enterprises become resilient to physical threats while maintaining their operations, the analysis and insights generated could also help enterprises plan further geographical expansions or develop diverse market-specific products and more. Base Operations has recently completed its seed funding round led by Good Growth Capital and including participation from Magma Partners, First In Capital, Gaingels and more. The startup aims to hire more talents primarily along with extending and enhancing the product and expanding the startup’s global footprint.

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