The installation is not complicated, however, as with everything, there is a learning curve. For example, hanging a panel of fabric (typically 12ft (3.6m) x 60ft (18m)) will take two to three hours for the first one – (2 or 3 man crew) and 45 minutes for the last one.

The following information covers some of the more commonly asked questions. Please call if you are looking for additional information.


Some details affect strength and durability, others are more aesthetic.


Most systems are set up to follow the ground contour. It looks best if the small variations in contour are evened out so the line flows smoothly. If there is an associated retaining wall, we suggest spending extra effort to make the wall level.

Variations in soil strength can be accommodated, though often it is easier and more economical to modify the ground rather than having several different poles or foundation arrangements.


Unless specified otherwise, install vertical and in a straight line (+/- an inch or two). Apart from appearance, it makes other parts of the installation easier.

Poles may be driven, mounted on concrete or screw-anchor platforms, or installed in a concrete-filled hole. Sand can also be used as backfill.


All cables are connected with proprietary systems to develop the full strength of the cable.

Installation tensions are generally to 20% of the ultimate strength of the cable.


The fabric is installed taut with few or no wrinkles. The fabric is supplied in pre-finished panels with hem cables etc already inserted. Where possible, connection systems are provided that allow for some flexibility in dimensions so that the fabric may be easily adjusted to be taut.


Some systems require end anchors or side (guy) anchors. There are many options depending on the load, the installation equipment available and the number required.

Personnel Options

  • Utilize your employees with WeatherSolve providing training
  • Employ outside contractors with WeatherSolve Structures providing training
  • Engage WeatherSolve Structures or a WeatherSolve agent to provide the installation via one of our already trained installation crews
  • Split up the installation so that one crew is installing poles etc and another is installing cables and hanging fabric

WeatherSolve provides a set of installation instructions in step-by-step format tailored specifically to your job.

Training involves having a WeatherSolve person on-site at the start of cabling, and staying long enough (or returning) to provide guidance putting up the first panel. This is typically about three days. (To save WeatherSolve Structures on-site time, for larger jobs, the cabling may be just a few cables to get enough in the air to install the first panel.)

Typical equipment needed:

Pole and anchor installation is fairly self-evident, however the fabric and cable installation is less ‘usual’ for construction contractors.

  • Drills, socket sets, pliers
  • Come-a-long capable of pulling 3,000lb
  • Bolt cutters- 2 pairs (18in (46cm) handle is ideal for hem cable in fabric, 24in (61cm) is best for cutting 5/16in cable- can also use gas axe for main cable and zip-cutter for hem cables)
  • Stand or forklift for supporting cable drums while unreeling.
  • Man-lift