VEGA Americas’ WeighTrac 31 is a non-contact measurement system for use with heavy bulk solids. A wear-free, radiation-based technology, the WeighTrac 31 represents a major improvement in mass flow measurement on conveyor belts and in screw conveyors.

From mines to paper mills to power plants, operators move material on conveyors. They are also a popular means of loading and unloading trucks, barges, and rail cars at plants. Mass flow measurements of these bulk solids are required for two main reasons; control and material transfer.

Radiation-based mass flow measurement on conveyors has proven very reliable, even in extreme process conditions. The WeighTrac 31 is nearly invulnerable to the vibration common to conveying applications and is unaffected by temperatures up to 140°F (60°C). The product’s measurement precision is approximately +/-1% with no drift, and dust, corrosion, and spillage have no influence on performance.

Installation is relatively simple, as the WeighTrac 31 is supplied with a frame which mounts directly to the conveyor. Operators can relocate the instrument with minimal effort, and can mount it on inclined conveyors without affecting measurement accuracy.

Another advantage the WeighTrac 31 has over load cell systems and other competing conveyor mass flow measurement options is reduced maintenance. The WeighTrac 31 does not require frequent calibration, and technicians can make any necessary adjustments without process interruption. Considering the dramatic decrease in total cost of ownership, the radiation-based system often saves users money in the long term.

The WeighTrac 31 from VEGA Americas delivers reliable mass flow data of bulk solids. Radiation-based technology allows for non-contact, maintenance-free measurement that keeps material moving along conveyors for a long time.

WeighTrac 31 featured benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to non-contact measurement
  • +/-1% accuracy
  • Unaffected by environmental and process conditions
  • Long service life