Mining operations invest billions every year in large, expensive assets such as haul trucks, loaders, drills, conveyors, crushers, mills, and flotation banks, and if they are not fully utilized due to unplanned downtime or inefficiency, the resulting production losses, compromised product quality and costly repairs will have a significant financial impact on your business.

New digital technologies such as condition-based monitoring, predictive analytics, patter recognition and cognitive agents can now let you truly maximize the ROI of critical assets and implement a far more proactive maintenance strategy that will create greater profit from every ton or ounce you excavate and process.

Join us for a discussion on these trends and new technologies for better asset management to learn more and then judge for yourself if you have opportunities to take a step closer to operational excellence and greater profitability.

PRESENTER: Javier Orellana (director, Schneider Electric Mineral Processing & Optimisation Centre of Expertise)

Javier heads the Mineral Processing & Optimisation Centre of Expertise for Schneider’s Mining, Minerals & Metals segment (MMM) where he is responsible for working with customers, as well as tertiary and research institutions, to both develop and customise Schneider Electric solutions so as to address the needs of the industry.

Javier was the lead technical analyst from Schneider Electric in a project in Australia for one of the world’s largest mining companies during the establishment of their Process Excellence Centre where he supported the design, development and implementation of an integrated systems architecture for their centralised control facility. He focused on providing expertise in the areas of regulatory process control, instrumentation, data analysis, modelling and simulation, industrial networking and security, process systems architectures, and control systems design, as well as overall project management.

In previous roles he was responsible for managing the development and execution of Level 3 system architectures, integrating device level design, process automation and control, building and access management and energy management as part of the delivery of integrated solutions across the mining value chain.

Javier’s background and domain expertise in mining, mineral processing, process engineering, process automation and advance process optimisation has provided him with a solid understanding of the industry, its challenges and how digitization and technology can help operations achieve operational excellence across their value chain.

Two sessions available for your convenience.


  • 4 October, 8:00am – 9:00am Australian Eastern Daylight Time (New South Wales). Click here to book.
  • 4 October, 5:00pm – 6:00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (New South Wales). Click here to book.

(NOTE, for those in North or South America, this session occurs on 3 October. The correct day and time should be shown when you add this to your calendar)